How does it work?

You buy a meal for a friend, you tag them, and get them to pay it forward. The more the people pay it forward, we create a ripple effect that could truly impact the F&B space.


Why will this work?

We believe in the multiplier effect, where a chain reaction of passing it forward will lead to a positive outcome for our friends struggling by the crisis.


How can I contribute more?

Email us at You could either be a partner, donor, or operator. Or just someone that wants to help with the movement. It’s not for profit and it’s purely a ground-up initiative.


Why did you make this website?

With the increase in measures taken to curtail the spread of Covid-19, there will be demand shocks that will be most felt by our friends. We wanted to do our part and be with our community, in good times or bad.


What countries are supported?

We will be supporting Singapore for now. However, we are open to extending this offering to other countries should there be a need.


How can I add my business to this site?

You can submit a form HERE


I like your initiative, can I contribute/ Volunteer?

Feel free to drop us an email at on how you can contribute!


Is there a fee, or are you making any money from this initiative?

There is no fee to participate in this initiative. In fact, the team at StaffAny will be donating $1000 on food vouchers to kickstart this movement.


What are we hoping to achieve (Optimistically):

An organic movement to get more brand awareness for you, inspire people to order your food via delivery, support the purchase of gift cards and or even merchandises. We hope to do our little part to help.


What we are starting with:

We are starting an Instagram campaign called #GiveAny (That might change) to inspire a movement to cushion the socio-economic impact of social distancing. We can tighten our social fabric by gifting, and we can help F&Bs through this movement.


Hey, [this thing] isn’t working properly on the site!

We launched this initiative in less than 24 hours. Please let us know where we can improve over email at


Who made this site?

The team at StaffAny lives and breathes with our F&B friends. We help them with Time and Attendance and Scheduling optimisation, but right now we think more needs to be done to help them tide through the crisis!