Beat Covid19 together.

Simply surprise your friends with a delivery meal or a voucher, while supporting our local F&Bs.

1. Give your friend a surprise delivery meal
2. Post on instastory with @GiveAny.co #GiveAny
3. Tag 3 friends to challenge them to pay it forward.

Let’s be part of a movement to support our favourite F&Bs through this hard time through giving


Oriole Coffee and Bar

Oriole’s hearty favourites are filled with wholesome goodness to fuel your day and take your pick from more than 20 hearty dishes such as Capellini Crabmeat, Fully Loaded.

805 Seafood Kitchen

Savour our popular well-known Chili Crab 2 from $ 30 only. Open daily including public holidays 11am-10pm, Hotline: 63851530. For free delivery please visit www.805sk.com

805 Seafood Kitchen

Satisfy your craving for authentic local seafood delights and our popular well-known chilli crabs 2 from $30 only!


Winner of the ‘Best Japanese Restaurant Casual Dining by RAS Epicurean Star Award 2019, Kinki now delivers Japanese gastronomic delights with a twist right to your doorstep.


Tsuta is the World’s First Michelin Ramen restaurant by Chef Yuki Onishi.

Mrs Pho

Mrs Pho is a fast-casual Vietnamese restaurant that serves authentic, heartwarming home-cooked food.


You want to *cake* care of yourself and one another with some treats!

Wong Kee Wonton Noodles

Everything is made in-house including the noodles, skin, chilli, all the way to the char siew. Thus, you would find that all the ingredients somehow gel better.


We serve authentic and healthy homemade Italian food. Our ingredients are freshly procured and all our food contain no MSG and we use 100% homemade vegetable stock!

Bedrock Bar & Grill

Meat lovers can now savour Bedrock’s signatures such as classic Tomahawk Steak ($258+) – woodfire-grilled grain-fed long-bone ribeye with choice of two complimentary sides and 4 sauces.

Fat Sumo

Filled with every goodness and topped with silky rich poached egg, every bowl is wholesome delicious and sure to hit that spot.

Beat Covid19 together.


Why are we doing this

With Covid-19 leading to more social distancing measures, our friends in F&B, regardless of roles (business owners, bartenders, waiters and even distributors) will be affected. Let us inspire a movement to cushion the socio-economic impact of social distancing. 

Let us tighten our social fabric by gifting, and help our favourite F&Bs through this movement, whilst flattening the curve.

This is why we started #GiveAny. Join us in this movement.

Who are we

The team at StaffAny lives and breathes with our F&B friends. We help them with Time and Attendance and Scheduling optimisation, but right now we think more needs to be done to help them tide through the crisis!